Smoke gets in her eyes

We would sit on the edge of the stairs outside of the bathroom door and watch her light her cigarette. That was her go to place. She would stare into space as the smoke gently touched the mirror and drifted through the air. She would tell us, "Later it will just be the six of [...]

Liebster Award and Nominations

Hi Everyone, Earlier today I found out that the beautiful Nini nominated me for the award, and I was super excited! She is an amazing blogger and her blog post are dope! Her Insta & Twitter: nini_wonderland. Her blog: wonderlandangels.wordpress.comHere are the rules: • Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you • Answer the 11 questions [...]

Fatal Crash

He didn't love me. He just loved the idea of loving me, but he was never truly in love. I sat in my puddle of tears and watched as my clothes soaked up every drop. What happens in one world echoes in another. I Felt my bones crushing as if I were driving and a [...]

Beautifully Misunderstood

Your weaknesses create illusions to distract you. I guess that's why I never got the the courage to stare at myself in the mirror unless I had makeup on. I would then be transformed. Less than 5 minutes ago I was a former ugly duckling. This mask highlighted my confidence like the sun beaming across [...]

Internally Deceased

How can you Love a city that devours its own people. Nightmares spoke like whispering dreams. As these souls flew with different images. Bullets stood by me like a ghost in my ear, as they Roamed these streets like a lion. Blood filled these cracks, like a flood appeared. Fogged nights with lifeless bodies. Wake [...]