This is just the beginning. In this piece I am talking as my future self! Every morning I lay in my bed and I thank God for waking me up. The prayer didn’t have to be long, it was just as simple as that. I knew for a fact that when my feet touch the [...]


Suicide Prevention Awareness

One Sunday in the middle of October of last year I went to a church by the name of Antioch Christian Assembly. This was my second time attending, but my first time on a Sunday. I brought my children with me and I sat near the back. My son fell asleep on my chest as [...]

Blogger Recognition Award

Blog Recognition Award As I woke up yesterday with many notifications on my phone. I seen that I was nominated for the Blog Recognition Award and I was pretty excited! Who nominated me? I was nominated for this award by Paul Mcginley. paulmcginleymentalhealth.wordpress.com is where you can find his amazing blogs! Having to Trouble with [...]